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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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were honored at the inner harbor. he aid how thankful he was and he appreciates the support. we talked to him about the special day. >> i started with a dream. and i reached for it. nothing is impossible. if you think you can do it and you want to come and go there and do it. " he gave a shot out -- a shot out and he will be the irish captain at tonight pose a game. his on his way as we speak. >> two hours stand between now
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and the regular season. the ravens will go head-to-head with the cincinnati bengals. we have to coverage of the home opener. let's start with pete gilbert. >> a beautiful breezy evening. last swept the bengals night. one of the keys is , how did you tyrell suggs? and against the bengals, which goes to the last game of the regular season where he had a -- he was a menace. they have repeated over and over
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person willone replace him. >> the best part of the game, best part of business, they have been true and he is a big part of our team, a big part of what we do. the guys will have to step up. not just one player. every guy. we all got to pick of that slack. quex there will pay tribute to their former owner. art modell. this kicks off after 7:00 p.m. >> i think i pulled the lucky
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straw this afternoon. we have great fall weather and wonderful fans with a plethora of options. >> we have steamed shrimp, buffalo wings, subs, cheesecake puffs. if the game is half as good as the tailgate, the it will be awesome. >> he has his subs and we saw a lot of hotdogs and brats. we found out what a bengals burger is. >> is there regular -- it is a crisp.ned to
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>> we try to have a variety. today is hot dogs, turkey dogs, hamburgers, turkey burgers, fresh kehl, macaroni and cheese, fried fish, fried chicken, coleslaw, chicken, and cake and cookies. >> is that all? >> that is it. >> they call wanda the master of tailgating. we will head out and eat some of her food and be back here at 6:00 p.m. they have a while to go and there's a lot of food and drink to be had. >> love that menu. tons of excitement. kick off for the ribbons-bengals
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is at 7:00 p.m. you can hear the game on wbal radio. we will have a recap of the action. >> gary giordano is being sued by american express. it seeks to void the troubled insurance policy he took out in name.gardner's he was released because of lack of evidence. the suit says the policy was void because it were not related or married and were not business partners and accuses him of lying on insurance forms. he has already sued american express's branch to collect the policy worth $3.50 million. >> one person is dead and another treated at shock, after a fiery collision in anne arundel county. it happened after midnight.
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speed was a factor in this single vehicle crash. the driver was ejected from the vehicle, pronounced dead on the scene. injuriesr passengers' were not life-threatening. police are looking into whether speed played a role in a back -- deadly accident over the weekend when a car slammed into an mta bus. marcus anderson was killed after his vehicle crossed a lane and collided with a vehicle. his vehicle flow backwards more than 40 feet and caught fire. the bus driver and eight of the people were injured. also injured, his 14-year-old brother. we're still working on the details of around a freak accident over the weekend in baltimore city that killed an
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aberdeen police officer. here is what we have been able to gather. charles armenta was on a party bus at 3:15 a.m. saturday morning. he fell off the side of highway plunging nearly 50 feet his death. what we do not know is why the bus pulled over. police have not explained why they believe that he got off the bus in the first place. >> a little bit story of the weekend. things have settled down nicely and this beautiful weather will be here for an extended stretch. the raider composite shows clear skies and a few fair weather cumulus in the mountains to the north and west and some cool, dry air on those northerly breezes. mostly 70's here.
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55 added oakland. feeling like fall in the mountains. the forecast for the game, clear skies and a light northwesterly breeze, low humidity and comfortable football temperatures. we will settle back into the 60's as the game wears on. perfect conditions for football. the seven-day in a few minutes. >> our newsroom has been getting calls and e-mails, worried about the rap program using poison that could harm children and pets. lisa robinson joins us to find out what she found. >> several months later, the county has seen some success. they are reassuring people with pets and children is not to worry about the poison the is. >> the run at night up and down the yards and on the front straight.
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people around here do not keep up after their. what are you going to have, routes. dan ey're happy to see crankearney and his crew. it is just beginning in the catonsville areas. properties are inspected and treated. the work started in june and is paying off. >> we gauge it from the callbacks we may get. we may get 5 callbacks from one community out of six or seven houses. >> there is a reason to worry about the poison used. >> it is injected into the ground and covered up and marked. there was some concerns about cats in one committee. cats are not typically diggers.
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there is no real way for them to come in contact with the treatment. >> she is more worried about her dog coming into contact with a rat. >> i do not want her to catch a rat and get sick and die. it is nice that there will hopefully clean up. >> to be on the safe side, and is best to keep animals and small children at of that area for about 24 hours. >> skyteam 11 over the baltimore-harford county line. >> this is jericho road to the west of jerusalem road. it was an old manufacturing
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plant. firefighters are dealing with a two-alarm fire. we do not know of any injuries. it was a vacant building. they have been doing exterior operations only due to the unsafe nature of inside the building. the cause will be under investigation. if you are traversing the area of jerusalem or jericho road, it is shut down due to this fire. reporting live, i am capt. roy taylor. >> will have of it -- not all this but some of us have it really bad. learn what causes them to smell in tonight's medical alert. >> crews were called out to respond to a double shooting in annapolis. >> preparing for the final where --
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taiex a pretty odd situation after a double shooting shutdown gas service to a home near the crime scene. police found two men shot.
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fire officials were called because the gas meter had been hit by one of the bullets. bge could not repair it immediately because it was part of the crime scene investigation. they had to turn off the gas but they were able to repair it today. >> a growing number of pregnant women are taking drugs to control high pressure. a new study says nearly 5% are prescribed hypertension medication. doctors analyze the data base of 1 million medicaid patients and used -- use of the drug increased between 2000 and 2006. their concern because some drugs can be harmful to unborn babies during the second and third trimesters. it is something you may notice when you take off your shoes or even when you are wearing them.
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your feet really stink. it is an embarrassing problem that can happen to any of us. what is really happening and what can you do about it? >> admitted. there was one moment in your life and your feet did not smell too good. this body odor is more prevalent in some people than others. dr. marc levy says it has to do with the amount of the bacteria on your body and it varies. >> the odor that once miles is -- one smells is caused by bacteria. there are bacteria all the years can. these are confined to a closed space like your shoes and the sweat is there, they can produce gases which have a certain aroma to them. >> if you suffer from this o affliction, there is something you can do. keep feet as clean and dry as possible. >> using various washes and
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soaps to keep the bacteria level down as well as keeping perspiration down with absorbent socks and powder can absorb moisture as well. >> smelly feet can be an embarrassing problem. could it be a sign of a bigger issue? there are some health conditions that can cause an increase in various body odors. >> most people, it is probably on hygiene issue and keeping your feet clean and dry. after you sure you should try for early -- dry thoroughly. corn starch based are more absorbent. >> is a situation where everyone will notice the difference. gears to aitching plant -- to a discovery.
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a study was analyzed by the department of mental health and hygiene. the other counties had an average of 14 cases. some of the poultry industry may be partly to blame. four of the top companies are on the eastern shore. >> cool, fall-like air is coming into the mid-atlantic. 40's showing up again. 37 in michigan in the upper peninsula. 49 around circus. here in maryland we saw some
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40's to the north and west. 64 downtown at the inner harbor. 40 degrees around west venture -- westminster. almost into the 30's at mccaffrey -- mchenry. not quite as chile on the eastern shore. cool and comfortable. the cool air is not finished children in just that. watch the with the clouds are coming in. the fair weather cumulus clouds back in the western maryland area. cold temperatures by morning. 72 of ocean city. many of the suburbs will dip into the 60's. setting the stage for a cool overnight. 43 is the record and that will be measured at bwi marshall.
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some of the suburbs will be in the low to mid 40's. sunset at 7:22 p.m. high pressure moving through slowly and hanging around for this entire workweek. you can see the way it has cleared from southern new england down to the gulf and to the foothills. this is a large area of high pressure that will dominate the weather. the nexrad is out in the northern rockies and it is in no heat -- carried to get here. bright and sunny skies. sunrise that 6:45 a.m. on the bay, northeast winds and wanted to foot shot. western maryland, 30's tonight and highs in the 60's. low 70's on wednesday.
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a comfortable 77. in the 70.ty, high's back into the low to the mid-80. september 10 is the peak of the hurricane season. we have had morris dorm's the building. two of them are out there that we have been tracking. tropical storm leslie and michael is weakening as it tracks north. around baltimore, a cool night. 40's by morning. 70's in the afternoon. the next chance for storms are showers are late in the day saturday. >> police have been searching for weeks for the man who barged
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into a gas station with a gun, demanding cash. >> details ahead. >> some lessons for the school district in
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it's chicago public school teachers are on strike. thousands walked off the job after they failed to reach a new contract. >> negotiations are expected to resume as 400,000 students wait to hear when they will get back to class. ha >> good evening. the picketing teachers have gone home at this point. the classrooms are empty. they have been all day as well as in other schools across the country. growing concern that could kolff -- that can continue for some time. there was an abrupt change to the lesson plan. >> we're all together in this fight. >> because there together, many
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of the students are not. the walkout forced as many as 400,000 kids and their parents to scramble. >> it is not fair to the kids. >> educators say what is not fair is it had to come to this. all the noise is not really about money. the average salary is more than $70,000 a year. both sides say that is fair. what they do know what is the current push by the city to cut health benefits and too tight evaluations to student performance and standardized test scores. chicago -- rahm emanuel says the talks should continue but so should classes. >> this is in my view a strike of trace. the wrong charge for our
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children. >> many say they're frustrated as well. >> this is impacting my ear and i will probably graduate in july which i do not want to do. >> during this vacation 140 schools opened their doors so students can have breakfast and lunch. class activities are different. focused on patients, and the process of negotiation. with teachers say they will stay out as long as necessary, now this is history. the last strike was 25 years ago. >> let's hope history will not be repeated. an emotional weekend as ravens fans, family, and france took part in -- friends took part in an art modell chubais.
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-- tribute. ♪ >> if you have not heard it yet, get used to it. this is the new dance played every home game. here with a man who wrote it says i anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year.
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now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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>> four days after the death of art modell, fans continue to pay their respects for the man who brought football back to baltimore. trivets would alter the weekend but the biggest one has yet to take place. >> his funeral is set for tomorrow at baltimore hebrew congregation. preparations under way for a major event. >> tuesday is the final farewell at the baltimore hebrew con -- conversation. last-minute pruning as the synagogue prepares for a large gathering to say goodbye to the ravens owner, art modell, and
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his family. >> the rabbi will preside over the funeral in says whenever he and art modell would visit, they traded lots of jokes. modell was always curious about the people they met. >> he wanted to address with other people. he was warm and in yiddish, we would call him a mensch, a good, upright person. >> if it weren't for art modell, we would not have an organization. condolences to the family. >> we missed baltimore football. sad to see him go. >> the focus will be on his
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larger-than-life personality, the ratio -- relationships he built, and his many contributions. >> our funerals are the same matter who we are, whether we are famous or someone who lived a quiet life. art would want the same. >> tomorrow's farrell will be carried live. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. >> the game marks the first time there will be playing without art modell. it is an hour-and-a-half left before game time. the regular season opening against the bengals. fans are filling up south --
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filling up outside the station. -- stadium. the game is sold out tonight. said to make an appearance, michael phillips. we sent kim dacey @ to explore the town. she did not have to go very far. >> purple is taking over the town. fans are excited for tonight's season opener. >> it will be great and we will win. it will be this -- the start of a great season. >> happy to see people for the opening game. >> they have plenty of purple felt -- beer for veolia on hand.
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-- paraphrenalia on hand. >> even the employees are decked out to support the ravens. the start of football season along with the orioles' recent success has customers stocking up on tailgate goods. greece can tailgate and you can tailgate. we have it all. >> fans are confident they can take them down and everyone knows it is a good week when the ravens when. >> it is great. everyone feels good about everything in town to. >> fans are aiming high even before the first game of the season. they have their sights set on the super bowl. >> i hope so. that is the number-one priority. >> we ended as a strong team and we have some good new players and we're going to had to the super bowl.
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>> you can catch all the details and highlights tonight after the game at 11:00 p.m. >> we have more on the breaking news river you at the top of the hour. some heavy flames. a to alarm fire near the baltimore county-harford line. the fire is contained but not considered to be under control. it used to be a rubber manufacturing plant. there are no reports of injuries. >> here's a look at our other top stories. an olympic-sized ceremony for all of maryland's residents who competed in london. they paid tribute to all those who competed.
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mindy becerra was the mc. the others received lots of a swag. >> the man accused of killing his travel partner in aruba is being sued by american express. giordano was arrested after a robyn gardner disappeared. the company says the agreement was would because there were not married or business partners. he has sued american express to collect a policy worth $3.50 million. the right in the investigation into a violent armed robbery in baltimore county. detectives have recovered
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surveillance photos taken during the robbery of a set of go -- sunoco. this man entered the store demanding money from the employee at the register. he was able to make off with cash and was seen running down lakeside boulevard. anyone with information is asked to contact metro crimestoppers. >> you knew it was coming. the life of joe bertran are hitting the big screen. >> find out which hollywood icon will play his highs and lows. >> to a group of young people doing great things for the community. they are getting an otter -- honor row at the raven's :
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>> democratic candidate wendy rosen is withdrawing.
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according to state party officials, she was registered to vote in both states which was a clear violation of law. she voted in florida and maryland in 2008. congress is back in session after a month-long break with a pile of urgent business. their focus on the election. both agree that if they make the first move on any big issue it could cost their party victory on november 6. they're arguing over a lot of things but the biggest issue is the impasse over hiking tractax. house members plan to adjourn so they can go home and run for reelection. >> the life of joe paterno is
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headed for the big screen. it could include the penn state scandal. it is reported al pacino will play the coach. the best-selling book will be turned into a movie. he died -- died in january surrounded by scandal. the idea of -- the film will be depict his life. >> 41 mother and daughter, a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders. >> this is the day the lord has made. all we will do today is an joye. >> why they are so excited and they have some demolition crews today. >> you have a few hours left to
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voice your concerns to the state. >> the seven-
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>> the quest for the lombardi trophy begins in earnest as they open up the season in prime time. congressional lawmakers returned to work with a long list of things to do and not a lot of time in which to do it. the decisions ahead including how to avert a government shutdown at the end of the month. these stories for you
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anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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xm has been a towering eyesore for years. the vacant building is gone. for people who live along the 1900 block of east 31st street, this has been a long time coming. city officials made it part of their program. the goal is to get rid of blighted buildings and improve the safety and quality of life. the demolition has significance to one mother and daughter. they have been fighting tooth and nail to get rid of the blighted structure and finally got their wish. >> we have been living here for 30 years. i am a registered voter for 30 years. we cut grass. i think we have made it.
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i am grateful for this day. >> the city to down and other property. the vacant to value program has taken part in more than 30 properties since it was launched two years ago. >> this is the last chance to voice your opinions about bge's handling of the derecho storm. we have been keeping an eye on the hearings and they have been very well attended. to make a final comment, you can head to the website and we have a link on our website, hard to think about that day in june when this weather is so
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perfect. >> cool and dry the scene for tonight into tomorrow and most of this week. this weather pattern will hold. rain gauge the grain ♪ today. we -- it was a cooler than normal day. 75 for the high. the normal is still at the 80- degree mark. a rare cool day in the summer of 2012. it will be cooler than that tomorrow. the skies will stay clear and we have seen some fair weather clouds. there will dissipate after sunset. the wind will be light and with clear skies, temperatures will drop quickly. only 55 in oakland and then look
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at how dry damaged areas. the dew point is lower. 39 in westminster, indicating some dry air. the stage is set. temperatures are falling through the evening. some of those cooler ballets in the ballets could be down to the 40's. much warmer in downtown baltimore. most of the outlying suburbs will be cold as high pressure comes in. it will deliver the cool air. or whether al west. rapid city at 97. denver at 90. that he will not get here because high pressure blocks of for several days and we get to enjoy some pre-fall-like weather. low humidity.
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a water temperatures up to around 80. tomorrow, expect to see some 30's on the board. recovering to the upper 60's. across the bay on to the eastern shore, gorgeously summer weather. the humidity levels are stepping down. climbing into the mid-80's. that stretch of whether it takes us through the work week and temperatures will slowly warm into the the's. nighttime temperatures and to the 50's. most of saturday will be decent. the next chance for rain would come in on sunday afternoon. >> if you're considering
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investing in a clean grain vehicle, you might want to head to downtown baltimore. the international environmentally friendly vehicle is being held and organizers have selected baltimore. it is happening at the convention center. officials explained how clean diesel and electric fuel cell vehicles are. a new survey reports air travelers are making the switch from laptops to tablets. using them while flying. the use comes as airlines and equipped aircraft with more availability.
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torahs arrests are getting in on the fun and the money. the company is launching its own brand aimed at children. on october 21, in time for the holiday season. it will include 50 apps and will retail for 100 trichet dollars. >> kick off his and our way. if you're not ready, here is something that may give you pumped up. they're releasing a new crowd chant. ♪ >> got the message? there will run through this season to bring energy to the games. it was created by batman scoop and underarmour.
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>> it is simplistic and it is to the point. it is -- how do you explain it? it is with donyell. >> it can listen on our side. >> the number one item on shaha the agenda is avoiding the government -- #one item on the agenda is avoiding a government shutdown. >> a group of young people doing great things for the committee. why they're being honored by the ravens than next.
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%y >> perhaps you heard that the season kicks off tonight in prime time. >> it marks the kickoff for the honor rose program. >> we meet the first honorees. these young people come across as your tyical teens. the responsibility they are taking on are far from ordinary. peers would become mentors and others would follow.
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>> we have kids that are across the board. athletes and the honors program. >> donating time and services to help the community here and across the nation. michael joined the group to become a leader. he has led retreats, community service missions, and emersion trips. >> it opened up my world view. other people out there -- and other people out there. >> manny rodriguez said their trip to a homeless shelter left quite an impression. >> we served around 600 homeless people. we talked about what they have been through. that made me grateful. >> you're working with kids
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every day but did not exactly have any idea of the outside world and they got to learn a lot about you and you learned about them. >> all these experiences have shaped these young men. enough to change the culture at calvert hall. >> we have a school that is -- has a culture of service, culture of retreat. >> the ravens have awarded the pure ministry and honor row. a first for manny. >> i will try to hold it in, make sure i breathe and watch good football. >> breathing is good. that is a look at the news at 5:00 p.m. near li >> birk football weather and lots of food.
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>> honoring rolen's -- maryland's mullah bacon paralympic athletes. >> you will love the seven-day forecast. that is next. >> live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> the road to the super bowl begins tonight. the 16-game season, six division games and four prime-time matchups. good evening, everyone. the last time the had the trophy was when they beat the super -- they'd be the giants. >> we are proud to be part of the raven'


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